Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

Bob Marley once sang that “Some people have everything… some people have nothing”. This is an authentic line from a man who truly experienced both.

There is two parts of it.

One is when child born in poor family, which parents can`t feed even themselves not talking about little child. In this situation it is hard to control anything. Some countries have some religions. You can`t tell them that they must not make children`s because they are poor. They have they religion and about all other things they don`t care. They think that children`s must born not depending on anything. But than when child is born they start cry that they have no money, no food. This is the place we must fight and do the best.

Another thing is, which I don`t respect in any case. When people in years, when they already can think, make some decisions and other things make themselves poor in minds. I think you have seen lot`s of people standing in the street with hand, asking for money. But in reality they are not so poor as you think. I know lot`s of examples when good, working mans became poor. Just because you have not to go to work and do other think. You can stand on street and just ask money. And I must say they have a lot of money on the and of the day. There was some experiment made once by some magazine reporter. He made himself for poor for one day and went in the street with hand for asking money. On the end of the day he had collected money as much as he can leave his day job. But he also had some troubles with other “poor” people. Because as he sayed for them it is like business already, they have divided territory and fight for it. That`s why I`m not respecting such kind of poverty.

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