1st of September

Today`s weather remembered me my time when i went first time in school after hollidays. As I remember it was cold fresh air. And today I feel the same. The main difference is today I had not to go anywhere in school. I am soon already a worker, but this feeling of 1st September in my mind forever.

Do you remember how it is to go to school 1st September?


Olympics Basketball

I`m not following any of disciplines of Olympics, but last two days I have been able to follow.

In our project we have several people of Baltic countries. Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian. Yestarday there was competition between Estonia and Lithuania. One colegue from Lithuania opened live translation of this competition and everyone was covered him around and foloved sportists from their country. For Lithuania it was bad day they was on 3 place, Estonia on 1 place.

Today colleagues got projector, connected it to Lithuanian colleague notebook and we watched basketball game on big screen. It was game between Lithuania and China . Result today for Lithuanians was very good, 94- 68. Congrats!!!

That`s how we working this week.

Be in the form in Copenhagen

Yesterday I decided to find some good fitness center in Copenhagen.  The one I found is “fitnessdk“. But looking on price. One time training is 140 DKK. For month it is 249-399 DKK. But than I found another center, called “fitnessworld” which has price for one day 75DKK. And for 1 month 199DKK. It is much less than the first one. I tryed to find some other centers, but they had prices same as fitnessdk“.

After the work I get home, leaved my bagage. Prepeared sport wear and went to “fitnessworld” center.

I must say, center is not very much cool. By this I mean, you will not have spa, sauna and other things. But you will found wide training areas of all new equipment, primarily from Technogym, both for circular and muscular fitness. For the circular training they offer both treadmills, straightening machines, stair masters, exercise bikes, rowing machines and wave. Area is quite big and covers two floors.

Tomorrow I will probably buy a month entrance card to save some money.

Conflict in South Ossetia

“Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
And another
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned –
Everywhere is war –
Me say war…” Bob Marley – War

I`m not going to say my opinion on all this. I was more shocked of press reaction from American media and propaganda they tried to do than about the war was going at that time. And that is the bad part, because it must be opposite.

It was really hard to see how Russian people was trying to fight their own war in internet. How hard it was to change the opinion about Russia and their mission in this conflict.

The day when war was over, russian people wake up in the new country.

I`m not on anyone’s part, I`m against WAR.