#3 Night Life of Copenhagen

Some feelings about Copenhagen Night Life. Fresh and new podcast.


Chaif concert

Yesterday I had very great concert. One of the oldest and best bands of Russia. It is first time by some 10 years they come here in Latvia with solo concert. All other years they have been here in Latvia they was part of some other concert. And now they had chance say all what they wanted. Talk with people.

It was very hot. Sound perfect. People very responsive.

There was a lot of great old songs. Some songs from new album.

Weekend: 2 bottles of beer for person and talk…talk…talk

I got one friend who I have not met for some year. I though our friendship is over. Becouse he didn`t contacted me at all in any ways. I must say I eather didn`t contacted him. I was too busy.

Some weeks ago I met him in the city. Maked some standart conversation. I didn`t feel friendness from his voice my girl friend too and I scared little bit that I lost good friend. But we maked deal to call when one of us will be free. Then one day I called him and give him idea to go to the night club. He agreed.

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Company`s Birthday

And we are going to celebrate it in some bowling. Party time 19:00 – 21:00. Only two hours for celebrating.

And that`s all, no pools, no sauna, no dancing, no drinking till morning. I don`t know is it the way how to celebrate company`s 5 years. I`ll post some photos later if there would be any.

Happy Birthday to my company. Good luck in it`s way it moving.

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