Company name change

On 9th of October company MebiusIT has joined company Affecto. And by this changed name from MebiusIT to Affecto Latvia.


Olympics Basketball

I`m not following any of disciplines of Olympics, but last two days I have been able to follow.

In our project we have several people of Baltic countries. Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian. Yestarday there was competition between Estonia and Lithuania. One colegue from Lithuania opened live translation of this competition and everyone was covered him around and foloved sportists from their country. For Lithuania it was bad day they was on 3 place, Estonia on 1 place.

Today colleagues got projector, connected it to Lithuanian colleague notebook and we watched basketball game on big screen. It was game between Lithuania and China . Result today for Lithuanians was very good, 94- 68. Congrats!!!

That`s how we working this week.

Latvian holidays

It is starting periond of a lot of holidays. Last week we had 3 free days (17.11 – 19.11). Next free days will be starting from 24.12. And interesting would company gives us present with lots of free days lets say from 24.12 till 02.01.2008.


Electricity in office

Today and tomorrow we have some reconstruction works. So we would have some electricity interruptions. All day long we also have some problems with connections. Our director didn`t gave to all workers free day.