Skype calls

Some few days I have tried found someone to call to in skype to improve language. Found it quite difficult.

First, I wanted found female. Choosed some search criterias. Chooset thoose who are in “SkypeMe” mode. And what I got was girls from adult sites. When you try call them, you got spam messages.

Then I choosed thoose who are not in “SkypeMe” mode. Tried make just chat before call, but it was without result. None of any answered.

I even tryed found people who wants to talk by google search, but I found only information about skype and calls.

Then I tried “skypecast” feature. There are list of channels there. But in all channels, even if there are mentioned that this channel is for learning english are in Turkish language or something like this.

It was my first expirience trying to founding someone to talk to. Very bad experience. Interesting how people found contacts from all over the world. Is there service where I can found people to talk to.


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