Car insurance

It is not secret that young people in Europe pays very high insurance premiums, becouse of age and other criterias. Some buy cheap cars but pay higher premiums than those who bought much expensive car.

But not looking on this there are a lot of ways how to reduce premium. For example as car drivers to your car attach also your parents. Also different companies has different calculations. First of all check all possible variations.

Another way how insurance companies wants to help young people and reduce theirs premiums is logging the time when the car was driven. How they want to do this. They going to instal aditional equipment into the car. This equipment loggs by hours when and in which time car is driving. Each month insured person would receive detailed print-out, something like mobile phone print-out with time and cost. Times would be grouped by risk levels. For example, on early times, when there is low risk of geting in car accident, insurance companies would not count your premium. But on eavnings, when it is dark and risk of geting in car accident is hight then you will pay double fee. By this you can control yourself and drive in less risky hours.


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