Smoking kills

Thanks I am not smoking, even not tryed.

Here is some cool flash site with cigarege researches, results.

I hate when people smoke near me. Or when you are walking in the town and some guy smokes before you and I must go another way longest one. Or when mother or father of little children smokes near his child. The best what they can do is get gun and shoot him, I think it is the same what they are doing.



10 thoughts on “Smoking kills

  1. I get so mad when people smoke they Know there killing them self so why would you do that like it you want to kill your self do it some other way like shoot your self so DONT SMOKE.

  2. hi, my name is brianna, and i also have never smoked. but i know that my mum does, and i also know that it is killing her. two of my auntys have died because of lung cancer, and the doctors think that it is because of smoking, it really hurts to see that my mm might end up yhe same way. i mean seriously they know that it is going to kill them so why dont they stop. some people can be really stupid including my mum. so all the people out there that are having trouble with smoking, try small things like eating mints, or trying to get help,its not cool.
    peace out!

  3. I agree!!! And the worth thing is than people who smoke doesn`t get pleasure of smoking. They just do it becouse of time killing, just becouse of habit and all other stupid things. One of the ways to make it less killing you is pipe smoking. In some cases it can replace you cigaretes and make you some pleasure of smoking.

  4. Personally I believe its a life choice and people can do it if they please. I mean when a person jumps off a building and kills themselves do you yell at them… no because they are gone. But because we are in your everyday life pasing by and “not dead” you criticise us. So please everyone is entitled to what they want to do, its legal, so just lay off a bit.

  5. “Too much smoking will kill you” I like that saying. Smoking indeed bring no good to the person him/herself and to his/her surrounding. It also an effective ways of wasting your money. What worst can you do with your money other than buying poisons for yourself.
    So cheers! say NO to SMOKING

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