IT market problem

Latvia has a growing IT market. Salary rates is much less then in other european countries. That`s why foreign companies like our market. Here they creates company representation, hires local top managment, gives international projects. But for our companies it is big problem to find resources for those projects. Companies must fight now for resources.

One of the problems is that people which are working here understand that there is lack of resources in companies.

So people now has some strange tendence go from one company to another for short period just to grown their salary rates. But for company it means to teach resource for free for some other company. But I think it would end some day. And then companies will looks on such people little bit diferent.

Another problem is hight inflation level. People will not spot asking more money. But it is big problem and people don`t understand it.

Another problem is that universities with specialicy IT looks now quite empty. All new people now choose building university. Salaryes is much bigger for much easier jobs. Building market is growing faster than IT market.

Here is the article of how some managment from companies find resources.

I don`t think people would go back home. I know a lot of people who works in foreign projects and don`t want work in local one. Becouse here economical situation is quite a bit difficult.

Today in our company we had journalist from newspaper. He wanted to talk with one programer from our company. The main topic was discust situation about resources, about skills and other stuff. They are making such discutions in all big IT companies.

Will see how situation would change in the future.


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