Weekend: 2 bottles of beer for person and talk…talk…talk

I got one friend who I have not met for some year. I though our friendship is over. Becouse he didn`t contacted me at all in any ways. I must say I eather didn`t contacted him. I was too busy.

Some weeks ago I met him in the city. Maked some standart conversation. I didn`t feel friendness from his voice my girl friend too and I scared little bit that I lost good friend. But we maked deal to call when one of us will be free. Then one day I called him and give him idea to go to the night club. He agreed.

We spend some time there. He introduced me  to his friend. Party was quite funny. But I was with car, so I can`t drink much. Music was terrible. The only fun was go-go girls. Then came two my girlfriend`s colegues.

Somehow our friendship with my old friend was recovered.

This weekend we met again and maked another party in my house. We bought beer, my girlfriend maked for us crumbs. We smoked water pipe. After first bottle of beer we started some interesting discutions about music, books,… I give him an idea for making podcast. He didn`t know yet what the podcasting is.  I think I`ll try to make some list of themes  on which we could talk and we could make podcast. He is very interesting person and know a lot of things  about any area of life.


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