Annual meeting 07

From October 18 till October 19 we had our department annual meeting.

Our department consists of some little groups, which covers many countries: Africa, Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and other.

Meeting was located in Lithuania, Druskininkai in Spa Hotel. To get there in time and quite fresh we decided to go in Vilnius the day before and stay in hotel and then in the morning after the breakfasts go to Druskininkai.

From Vilnius to  Druskininkai something about 200 km. Trip was borring, so I had some time to sleep. It was litle bit raining when we came in the right place. We came earlier so we had time to register in hotel and put our bags into the rooms. I was deviding my room with my colegue.

Then we get down into the room where the meeting must take place, get some tea, took some conversations with colegues. Somehow prepared for meeting.

Meeting started with some main persons introdactions. Then there was speech about company, about plans, new system, promotion and such things.

After the little break we have much serious topics. Development process, testing.

Then we had lunch.

After the lunch we had quite easy topics. More about how people work and live in their projects. Very interesting and creative presentations. A lot of fun and positive emoutions.

We had presentation of our company CEO. Most interesting thing in his presentation was, that profit grows. Sayed that there are a lot of new projetcs will be, but we need more people.

After all project presentations we had short break and then last topic. Answering questions, discutions.

After all presentations we had furshet. After that we were divided by groups by one show man. Each group had one common task to do. Make play of Shekspeers play. Each group had its own part of play. It was very interesting and creative.

Then some of us went in pool some play bowling. We started with bowling. Took some alcohol, started playing. Talked a lot. Party was very funny. A lot of new people meet.

I really liked this party. Finally I was  introduced to my colegue in Aftica, with whom I was working only by skype. Crazy guy.


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