My google reader

I got something about 100 favorite feeds I read. Some of them updates quite often, some just once a week. And I use the same feeds at home and on work. The first problem is when I got new fresh OS installed I somethimes forgot to export my feeds before installing new OS. So there was some lost feeds already by that way. The next problem. Well maybe not problem, but minus is that thoose feeds which I have read at work I see in browser again at home and I have to check again which feeds I have read. It is quite big time waste. And now I got phone with prepayed credit from my company. Which I can now spend not only by calling, but also by using GPRS on it.

I heard about Google Reader already, but never tryed it before. Today I decided to try it seriosly.

  • First of all I maked export of my opera feeds in file. File -> Import and export -> Export neewsfeed list.
  • Then I went to and on the left side menu I choosed link Browse >>

  • After that on the right side I saw some predefined feed cathegories and link Import your subscriptions >>

  •  This link opened my settings page. Where I have posibility to choose file which I want import.

  •  Choose .opml file you have exported from opera and upload it.

That`s all, now you will see all your feeds under the left menu on the main page. Feeds import is very simply. After importing you got all your feeds and they looks very beautifull. And now I can see only thoose weeds which I have not read at home and at work. All feeds are syncronized. One more cool think I found, Google reader for mobile phone. Just go to and you got your feeds on phone. And entering this link you will see the list off newest feeds from all your neewsfeeds.

The only think I miss in google reader is new feed notification like it is in Opera. But I have all my feeds in opera, so i will see notifications as usial and I will know that I can check google reader for new feeds. The only hint is that you have to set feed checking interval as posible as litle, becouse google reader make syncronization all the time.

This way I get some time win of reading only newest feeds and not spending time by waching feeds I have already read on phone at work or home.


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