iPhone in Latvia shops

Now we can buy iPhone. I have read already about one iPhone in Latvia. As guy tells everething works with our phone operators. But this review was about week ago. Interesting are thoose iPhone in shop are hacked if yes then has the new update already on them. Or it`s the old one`s, which would stop working after update. And if they are hacked, how is it legal to sell them.

Shop location: www.220.lv


2 thoughts on “iPhone in Latvia shops


    But you could do like me, i bought it from america made a friend send it to me and then haked it and made it work.

    But sadly that time is over for the moment with the new iphone 1.1.2 with new boot-loader version.. But all 1.1.1 Iphones is 15 minutes max and they work like a charm..

    My iphone version 1.1.1 works in Latvia with no prop!! ‘


  2. This way like you do is ok, I think. It`s your own business how you buy it and hack.
    It is like with windows, you download it, install, hack and use on your own. But you can`t buy hacked windows or PC with such that`s what I wanted to say with this post. What our shops are thinking about when they sell hacked iphones. There is only one country in europe, Germany which can sell unblocked iphones, but the price is very hight 999 euro. Another posibility 2 year contract and price 399 euro. Here is the link on post about this in english: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fhabrahabr.ru%2Fblog%2Fapple%2F31043.html&langpair=ru%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF8 and in russian: http://habrahabr.ru/blog/apple/31043.html

    I have seen iphone, touched it. Well what I can say. I like disign, I like interface. It is very pleasure.
    I am waiting till iphone come in Latvia and will be official. Maybe It is not so bad than it is not in our country yet, becouse first version of iphone is not such good as I have read and heard in reviews. Software you can upgrade, but there are some another bugs without this.
    Let`s wait until other countries test it, find as much bugs as posible, apple will fix it and we will have fresh even maybe thinner version, without so much bugs, oficial iphone in our country.

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