Train station

I would`t be such evil If I did not use that opportunity about which I shall tell further.

Some 3 years ago I started work in capital. The only way to get there for student was train. It cost half of bus price. From my home to train station is something about 30 min by foots. Another posibility get to the train station is local bus, it`s about 15-20 min. For the first time I walked by foots, but then decides use bus.

After a year I bought my first car. And went till train station by it. For place where park it, I choosed sector 1. Quite big area, always free places for parking.

But then.

Yeh, everthing good sometimes ends. After some year, station head closed sector 1 for entering by STOP sign. And I had to find another place for parking as I couldn`t go till train station without car.

I choosed sector 3. But problem was that it was often full. So another posibility was park on sector 2. Somehow I always found places for park in sector 2 or 3. But station head didn`t sleep. After 2-3 months they decided close sector 3.

Automaticly sector 2 became always full. The last posibility was sectors 4, 5 and 6. Another 2 months I parked car in this sectors. And what you think did the station head this week. They closed sector 5.

The last sectors 4 and 6 is very small. In sector 4 can park 5 cars and in sector 6 only 3. Now every morning I am quite nervous about this. What if I couldn`t find some place for parking one morning.

I think next week they will close sector 6. Secton 4 they would not close, becouse it is for station workers. But let`s see.

I am very evil about station head. How attitude to people can be such terrible. Maybe some of those who came by car lives quite far from station and it`s the only way how to get there. But what can we do. Anyone thinks just about himself.


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