Company`s Birthday

And we are going to celebrate it in some bowling. Party time 19:00 – 21:00. Only two hours for celebrating.

And that`s all, no pools, no sauna, no dancing, no drinking till morning. I don`t know is it the way how to celebrate company`s 5 years. I`ll post some photos later if there would be any.

Happy Birthday to my company. Good luck in it`s way it moving.

 Party`s over, time to work.

Yesterday`s party was quite good. Our company`s head give some speach to us. He sayed how great we are, what was great done in company, what it is going to be changed in the future. Than party begined.  There was very delicious snacks: chips with souce, cheese, fruits. Drinks was for free and we could order any if we wanted. During the evening, I ordered nonalcohol ice cream coctail, irish cofee and some fresh coctail. Teams was grouped by 3-4 people. In the begining we with my colegue played 2. Then when we played half one new colegue joined us. When we finished our games, we had to wait when he finishes his. Time run quite fast, game was very interesting. I had some 5-6 strikes during the game. My colegue much more, some 10 I think. He playes quite good I`ll say. I remember when we were in Vilnius with him and played in local bowling my colegue and other colegues from Vilnius, he had about 5-6 strikes each after another. And his condition, I`ll say was not so clear.

As it is always, party ended in most interesting moment. And we all slowly moved home.


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