Google Docs Sucks

History of the real working process. About a month long we have worked with colleagues in a project where we needed to update a single MS Excel document. About version control of this type of documents, we know nothing. Previous experience I have had, working with the code and various cvs systems. They have not got problems with version control, code merge. The problems began when we  with my colleague had to change a single document. First we do not have considered, how to record all changes that we made. After the changes we needed to add record on special document page and change version of the document. We didn`t know this for that moment. With this problem we have quickly get done and work get normal state.

As for the other problems, the speed of changes in the document. If you want it to work with one document,
then came the question who would be the first to make changes. We have to create two separate versions of the document. After all the changes, one had its version of the document other another versions. And then one of us included other version changes in it`s own. The percentage of mistakes can be seen as quite high.

Yesterday, I decided to look closer at

The first impression was very pleasant. Easy to work with files, nice interface. The first that I did, created new word document and added my colleague to the document for editing. If you do not have an account at Google Docs, than registration is not longer than 2 minutes. Struck by the fact that you can simultaneously work with a single document together. Ajax itself presents all changes on the fly into two screens, mine and colleagues. The benefits are obvious. I have thought about using this system in my work. Told about it to Deputy of Department Manager. She said that it would be possible to try.

And when it was time to test the system in real working process. A big minus has grown. Uploaded file size is no more than 500 kb if it is Word Document and no more than 1 MB if Excel file. And how I was disappointed when I could not uploaded my file, which is slightly more than 1 MB. AND this is Google. Which is great for his sizes of mail. Of course, this restriction may be for a beta period. But I don`t think I will return to such a system which disappointed me so much.

At this time, system is suitable for small files. But from mine experience people now write quite big documents, and if such a system as soon not ready for this, then it would lose potential users that the system really needs. System will be just for play but no more. And perhaps people will continue to operate the old methods of how they worked before.

And another bug minus is for me, it does not work correctly in Opera.


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