Honda Civic Mugen RR

Honda released in Japan the Civic Mugen RR sports sedan. Honda Civic Mugen RR is based on the Type sport car and its engine can produce 240hp at 8,000rpm and 160lb-ft at 7,000 revs.

The jump comes from modifications to the intake system and new cams as well as high-flow exhaust. Weight has been cut back with the replacement of some panels with carbon-fiber and aluminum, down 10kg once again over the standard Type R.

Other enhancements include Bridgestone Potenza tires designed specifically for the Mugen RR, a new sports suspension and uprated brakes. Inside, the car gets Recaro bucket seats with unique Mugen RR labeling. Only 300 cars was produced, and was sold in 10 minutes.

0-60(100km/h) MPH: 5.8 sec (est)

More photos inside and outside car here.


And just for fun, video of 2007 Civic Type-R:


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