People migration in company

For last month we have lost 2 good people in our company. One girl, I`ll say not so bad analyst. She was from our project. I liked her style how she solves problems. And another person is my good friend. What they looked for when they came I don`t know, maybe just to try and then go some where else. The posibilities where to work now in our country is quite big.

Well one girl was scared about what she would have to do in the future. She thought that analyst only do analysis. Well in our company not only. Becouse of people lack we have a lot of responsobilities in projects. Other girl has quite hight position, project manager. But as she sayed, team was completly terrible. Organization was on very low level. Project consisted of young students, who didn`t realise yet how to work in big companies. She leaved for better team and bigger money.

And now another person going to leave us. She came in copmany and after some weeks was send abroat in some project as tester. As our manager said, the reason was that she is studing and can`t get her study done in time because of her absence here.  But anyone who attends to get job in our company is introduced that it is posible that you will have to work abroad. And when the time is coming to get abroad, people remembers about their families and other things which they can`t leave. And here comes the problems.

I really don`t understand such people.


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