Happy birthday Linux!

 17 th september 1991 the day of Linux birth.

I remember my first contact with linux. My friend was first who tried it on his PC. Then he asked me come to him and see what it is. Before that moment I have read a lot about linux, but never tried it in real. My first expression was “WOW” how great it looks after a Windows. That was Red Hat 4.0. After that experience and some consultation with my friend I decided try it on my own skin. I have downloaded Red Hat Linux 4.0. Instalation process was quite easy. Devided my existing hard drive. One part for Windows one part for Linux. Oh and I have had already Windows installed on my PC. So after I divided hard drive and restarted into Linux instalation the instalation process has begun. Instalation was very very easy. The most hardest part of all installation process is creating the swap and root for linux. So I think I have quite much read about linux to install it by myself. After instalation and restart into the linux, the first what I saw was login screen. I just logened in as root. The first GUI which started was Gnome, I think it`s default. But after some time being in it I didn`t liked it. I logouted and choosed KDE. And that was really GUI which I wanted to use.

Some brief of Linux history.

Here is an excerpt from the Linus book “Just for fun:

“So I decided it quickly. I did not make a public announcement, but simply wrote pyaterym- ten hackers to personal addresses, it is on the FTP site. Among other things, I wrote a famous among fans Minix Bruce Evans and Ari Lemke. I shared source of Linux and several other binaries to be able to do something though. I said that you need to run this economy. At the car was standing Minix (version 386) and needed GCC compiler. And really needed was my version of GCC, so I also shared. I do not think that a longer version tested one or two people. It had to tinker with a special compiler to allocate empty partition to use it to download, compile and run my core sheath. Plus launch envelope, make it say here. Can it print sources only 10,000 lines. I became distribute their operatsionku first to prove that all this is not the usual empty – I did something done. In many online gossip. Whatever described operatsionke-on or about sex-many in cyberspace simply hang noodles on the ears. It is therefore important once you rastrezvonil that write operatsionku, to be able to say: “Here, I really made it. I do not Yap-can see themselves. “

Look how it looks now after a long time of evolution:

And such:


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